Containment barriers are used to control the air borne debris from escaping into unaffected areas that are not being worked on.

In Mold remediation, containment barriers are used to keep any airborne mold spores from cross contaminating the other parts of the site during the mitigation process.  We use containment in conjunction with negative air machines also known as HEPA machines.  These machines keep the area that is being contained under negative pressure.  When Mold is disturbed it will become airborne, the containment barrier is used to keep those spores within a designated area.  The negative air machines create a highway for the mold spores to travel so that they don’t find another area to call their home.

Also, when containment barriers are used it lessens the clean-up process and ensures that dust and any other debris is kept within the work area.

Most companies do not utilize containment barriers and will cause additional clean up of unrelated areas of the site and or mold cross contamination.

Un-Flood-It has been contracted out to erect containment areas for 3rd party Mold Mitigation companies.  We have erected containment barriers for plumbers working on the hallway of a senior care facility and also hospitals during construction.

Any time you need to protect unrelated areas from dust and or mold contamination please don’t hesitate to call.  We can provide all the equipment necessary for a job well done!

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